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Nici Graves, MSW, LCSW

Bachelor's of Social Work, 2012 Master's of Social Work, 2016

Nici Graves, MSW, LCSW
Grief and Loss, Significant Life Transitions, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Couples Issues,

Nici is a Therapist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Death Doula with Luminary Transitions LLC. For over 11 years she has professionally supported the human capacity for resilience, compassion, and self healing.

Sometimes having more tools and skills to better manage daily life are what’s required, and other times deeper work can allow for heavy burdens and old beliefs to transform as life’s experiences are processed and integrated.

Nici’s approach blends Depth and Transpersonal Psychology, Internal Family Systems, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Assertive Community Treatment, and Motivational Interviewing bringing a trauma-informed, mindfully-based, and welcoming presence to all parts, experiences, emotions, and sensations that are present with clients. Nici has extensive experience working with individuals and families diagnosed with chronic or terminal illness.

Please know that you have the right to ask questions, to be uncertain or skeptical of Nici and the healing process, to know that it might get more difficult before it gets better, to change your mind at any time, and to feel safe, heard, and witnessed at all times.
You also have the right to enjoy a more satisfying life, experience increased creativity and fulfillment, and simply embody the amazing human that you were created to be.
Nici promises to listen deeply from a place of compassionate curiosity, to reflect your strengths and wisdom alongside your places of struggle and conflict, to ask questions that help you find the right answers, and to honor and celebrate your process in all of its truth, beauty, and depth.