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Gay Garner, MA, NCC, LPCC, LFMTC

Gay Garner
Emotionally Focused Therapy, EMDR, Life transitions, depression, Anxiety, military families

If you are wanting closer relationships with your partner, family members, and friends I can help. If you are willing to dig into the cause of relational distance to become unstuck, together we can move toward connection. If you want hope and a path to healing divisions and family issues, I want to help you achieve peace. I want your relationships to give you a better sense of wellbeing and security. I specialize in working with couples and families who desire meaningful connections in their relationships. I also offer EMDR for those who wish to heal past traumas that are impacting daily life. I offer hope for those who are struggling and want to use a systematic approach including partners and family members to aid in healing. Reach out and begin your journey of healing the tough and unproductive beliefs or pain that you carry. I offer hope of working through trauma, difficult relationships, and hard transitions to live a more peaceful life where joy is present. Call me and let’s get started.