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Bonnie Farnell, MA, LPC

No Insurance accepted. Instead, a superbill is provided to clients who are able to request reimbursement from their insurance providers.

Bonnie Farnell, MA, LPCC
Depression / Anxiety,   Stress Management, Relationship Challenges, Communication Enhancement, Coping-Skill Development, Trauma / Neglect / Abuse, Attachment-Related Issues, Grief / Loss / Bereavement, Trauma / Vicarious Trauma, Life Transitions, Personal Growth / Equanimity / Goal Setting, Psychodynamic Therapy w/Object Relations, Trauma-Focused Polyvagal Theory, IFS (Internal Family Systems) a.k.a. “Parts Work”, Meditation and Mindfulness-based practices, CBT and Cognitive Processing Therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Narrative Therapy incorporating Expressive Arts modalities, Specialized Support Groups (8-10 weeks)

​Life is ______ .  How do you fill in the blank? We are all striving to feel heard, understood and connected, but all too often this business of being human – our personal histories and our entangled thinking – brings struggle and suffering.  We can lose our purpose, passion and vision.  We can feel unsteady, lost and disconnected from our true self.  I can help.  My counselling approach is not about discipline or goals.  It’s not about hard work or grit.  It’s about stilling the mind, seeing clearly, removing barriers and realizing your innate capacity.  Capacity for wisdom.  Capacity for love. Capacity for resiliency.  Capacity to realize your full potential.

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