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Alok Remza, LPCC

Alok Remza
Addiction, Substance Use, Trauma (Childhood, Adult, and Intergenerational), PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Relationship Issues, Spirituality, Codependency, Life Transitions, Grief, Men’s Issues, Self Esteem, Infidelity, Dissociative Imbalances, Mood Imbalances, Thinking Imbalances, Personality Challenges, Psychosis

Alok is a Master’s Level Psychotherapist practicing clinical mental health in Colorado. He uses a client-centered and trauma-informed approach by creating a safe therapeutic container focused on healing, integration, and self-realization. His training is in Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling and Psychology. He is available to support you with your mental health needs.

My ideal client dares to do the work in therapy and integrate that work outside of the session. I facilitate the creation of secure functioning relationships. For individual clients, that means strong attachment bonds to their sense of self so they can self-regulate and begin to create new opportunities to live a life of beauty, excitement, and exploration. While for my couples therapy clients, we will work on building secure functioning relationships within the partnership through the processes of non-violent communication skills and repairing ruptures promptly.