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Alexis Tonioni


Alexsis T
Art Therapy, Holistic Approach, Nervous System Focused

It’s nice to meet you. My name is Alexis Tonioni. I love working with individuals who are looking for a creative approach to healing. I’m an art therapist and counselor who owns a private practice called RISE. I serve folks in the Colorado and New Mexico areas virtually.  I offer a compassionate, holistic, and art-based approach to healing. I’m a good fit for individuals who are interested in finding out more about their patterns, beliefs, or desires through art. You don’t have to be an artist to benefit from art therapy; you have to show up.

Every morning, you wake up feeling like something is missing. You walk to the bathroom to get ready for work, but it’s a struggle to even look at yourself in the mirror. You barely recognize the person staring back at you. You know something isn’t right, but before you have time to answer, you realize you’re going to be late for work. You brush it off, distract yourself, and hurry off to work. Only to feel the same way the following morning. Everyone thinks that you have it together, but you know that it’s all an act.

Imagine waking up and feeling like you’ve got your shit together. You feel confident and passionate about your life. You no longer avoid looking at yourself in the mirror, but rather you give your reflection a wink and a smile. You’ve finally made it through the storm and there’s a rainbow waiting for you on the other side.

This isn’t another talk therapy experience. I’m an Art Therapist who uses art as a tool to help you get your life back. I offer virtual sessions to make your healing accessible from home. I have a few spots available on weekends and weekdays.