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Thank you for your interest in Crested Butte State of Mind’s Community Connectedness Events! We appreciate your desire to serve the community and work with CB State of Mind. Please fill out the following program proposal with detail and submit this at least 4 weeks prior to the date you would like the event to take place. Our events have been designed to focus on four major tenants – please integrate these tenants into your event. Feel free to get creative. These tenants do not need to be the sole focus of the event, but they must be worked into the event in a meaningful way. Our goal is to support you in helping others connect!

Our tenants:

  1. Creating opportunities for meaningful connections and positive interactions amongst attendees (creating opportunities for attendees to foster relationships/get to know one another).
  2. Sharing/teaching tips and tools that will support attendee’s mental and emotional well-being.
  3. Talking about mental health. Talk about it openly, honestly and without shame, thereby reducing stigma.
  4. Connecting attendees to mental health resources (can be as simple as providing and pointing out CB State of Mind’s resources which we will provide for you, the facilitator).