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Thank you for your interest in being part of the CB State of Mind Ambassador Program!
Our Ambassador Program was created to improve connection and engagement amongst event attendees and offer resources and a supportive space for those wishing to connect after or during events.
As a CBSOM Ambassador, when you volunteer at an event, you will be the face of CB State of Mind at that event, representing us as an organization to accomplish the following:

  • Introduce CB State of Mind Events and explain our organization’s mission
  • Orient people to local mental health resources and hand out resources
  • Facilitate event surveys, registration and waiver liability releases (in the case of physical activities)
  • Facilitate Live Stream Facebook videoing during educational workshops
  • Reduce stigma by sharing your own experience with a mental health challenge or sharing why mental health awareness is important to you
  • Attend the workshop to HAVE FUN and provide feedback to CB State of Mind staff
  • Create connections among event attendees
  • Connect with people who want to talk or need someone to listen (hold space for people)

As a CBSOM Ambassador, you realize that you will be representing CB State of Mind as an organization and as such will use safe and supportive language and behavior at all times. As a CBSOM Ambassador, we recognize that you are not mental health professionals. That is great! We don’t want you or need you to be a mental health professional in this role. We will be providing some tips and offering activities for you to practice active listening, empathy and validation skills, but at no point do we ever expect you to know how to solve people’s problems or know how to handle a mental health crisis.

Please complete the application and we will reach out to you soon!