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Find Help


Dial 9-1-1 IF someone is:

All of the above scenarios are considered imminent risk and you should call 911 immediately. 


Call or Text Colorado Crisis Services IF someone is: 


Ask the person if they are in danger of hurting themselves or others. If they are, refer to MODERATE RISK. 

If the answer is No, but the person is struggling, please refer to our Navigation Chart 

Taking the first step to admitting you or a loved one is struggling and asking for help takes tremendous courage. You may have concerns about stigma, treatment, the cost, and just a general sense of overwhelm can often keep us from seeking the help we need. Even making a phone call can feel extremely daunting when we are struggling. This Navigation Chart can help you find the right resources to best fit your or your loved one’s needs. If you are in need of financial help to see a local therapist, please see our Therapy Scholarship Program.

We believe that a good community fosters a sense of belonging for all people. Knowing that you belong and are accepted are critical components of feeling safe in your community. Whatever your experience has been, you belong. You live, work and play here and therefore, you belong here. You are a vital part of what makes our community unique and strong. Whether you have been here 30 years, 30 months or 30 days, you are an important part of this community and you belong. 

Are you or someone you love in immediate need of help? 

Below is a navigation chart to help you understand what options you can take in extreme risk, moderate risk, or low risk situations.